"Building the Road to a Cure"

2021 Pass The Brick Video

Some general video guidelines first:


  1. Your video should be 10-15 seconds long. This will be long enough to let us put your name and location on the screen, but short enough that the overall video doesn't get too long

  2. The video should be shot in LANDSCAPE. That's horizontal, with your phone on its side, like a TV screen. :)

  3. In your video, you should receive your 'brick' from the direction indicated on the table below, then wave/smile/whatever you want to do, and pass your 'brick' on to the next person. Just make sure that somewhere in the middle, you make eye contact with the camera to keep it engaging. It's totally okay if your child doesn't look, as long as you do!

  4. Please try to send your video to Paula Tyson by June 30 to give us plenty of time to put the completed videos together.


The table below has your 'assignments' on how to receive and pass on your brick. Here is a quick guide to what it all means!


START – if you are receiving from the start, that means you will be the first clip in the video, so you can receive your brick however you want. It can already be in the shot and you pick it up, or you can receive it from somewhere else, whatever you would like to do. Be creative! :)

LEFT – you should receive or pass the brick to your left

RIGHT – you should receive or pass the brick to your right

UP – you should receive or pass the brick from above the camera shot. You can reach for it or throw it or have it dropped in, etc

DOWN – you should receive or pass the brick from below the camera shot. You can stretch down or drop it or pick it up, etc

IN – at the end your clip, you should bring the brick into the camera fully so that only the yellow colour of the brick is showing

OUT – you should start with the camera completely focused in on the brick and then pull out to reveal you/your family

END – if you are passing to the end of the video, that means you will be the last clip in the video, so you can pass it on however you want. It can remain in the shot when you finish, so you can put it down somewhere or whatever you'd like to do. Once again, be creative!




Fahey Start Left
Tyson Right Up
Borzova Up Right
Hadas Left In
Debney Out Left
Rippy Right Left
Bustamante Right Left
Rae Right Down
Cicalese Down Right
McPherson Left In (End)
Arini Start Up
Flanagan Up Left
Ellis Right Left
Ramos Right In
Ringelstein Out Right
Voermanek Left Down
Garner Down Right
Pinder Left Right
DeKoninck Left End
Glenn Start Right
Paddon Left Right
Marinette Left Down
Whiting Down Left
Makarova Right In
Rossiter Out Up
Bunch Up Left
Priestly Right Right
Pleasant Left Right
Torres Left In (End)