What Can I Do?!

There are so many ways that you can get involved!  Of course individual donations are a big way that you can make a contribution.  No donation is too small and every little bit furthers our cause.  If you feel compelled to do something more (and we hope you do!), here are just a few suggestions:

  • Facebook Fundraiser-YBRP is a Facebook approved organization!
  • Share a Fundraiser for Giving Tuesday!
  • Birthday Fundraiser
  • Company Fundraiser
  • Club Fundraiser
  • Utilize Amazon Smile
  • Outreach-spread the word!

We are eager to help with anything you need!  We can provide guidance in how to organize your event and with distribution materials.  Just reach out to us by emailing us at projectybr@gmail.com or message us through our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/yellowbrickroadproject. Just spreading awareness helps our mission so don’t forget to like and share us on Facebook!


Everyone Can Get Involved!

Even the siblings of these rare individuals can get involved in YBRP’s cause!  Raising money for YBRP to help his big sister, Morgan, Shane Flanagan held a Lemonade Stand fundraiser in New Rochelle, NY.  Proceeds went directly to YBRP to “help doctors find his sister Morgan a medicine so she can live her best life!  Gonna change some lives for the better!” Shane was able to raise funds for the cause while also raising awareness in his community around this rare disorder.  Spreading awareness is crucial to our cause!  Shane raised $139 on location from the event and the message shared on social media of his gesture of support to YBRP inspired another $590 in online donations! Way to go Shane and Thank You for supporting YBRP!

300 is our magic number!  Outreach is so important in this mission we are on.  If you are a donor, share our posts so that others become aware of this rare disorder, if you are a family member of someone diagnosed with HNRNPH2, share your story, talk to your neurologist about Face2Gene to help others to a quicker diagnosis.  Again, 300 is the magic number to open critical doorways!  Understanding the phenotypes is crucial and increasing our numbers is key to building a worldwide network for a new ultra-rare disorder like ours.

A Special Thank You!

YBRP would like to thank all in our HRNRNPH2 family who have held fundraisers:

* Flanagan Family * Tyson Family * Lerner Family * Ramos/Figueiredo Family * Rassiter Family * Sijtsma/Visser Family *

Every little bit makes a difference!

We would like to send out a special thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to the Yellow Brick Road Project, you are amazing and we couldn’t do what we do without you! Thanks to individual and corporate donors we were able to host our 2018 Family Meeting to connect patients and families from around the world, along with researchers and clinicians.  Important physical and neurological evaluations were conducted to help doctors and researchers better understand this rare disorder.  Planning is underway for the 2019 meeting to continue physical and neurological evaluations for the natural history study.